Investor Relations

  • Our common shares and Series C preferred shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbols IRET and IRET PRC, respectively.
  • The CUSIP numbers are 461730103 for our common shares and 461730400 for our Series C preferred shares.
  • Please visit our Corporate Profile page to access our most recent Annual Report on 10-K, Earnings Release, Financial Supplement, Earnings Conference Call and Press Releases.
  • Please visit our Annual Reports page to access our most recent Annual Report and Proxy Statement.
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  • Our SEC filings can also be accessed via the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) website at
  • If you would like information emailed or mailed to you, please submit your request using the Information Request page.
  • December 31st.
  • Grant Thornton, LLP currently serves as our independent registered public accounting firm.
  • Yes, please visit our Corporate Governance page to view our Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers.
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  • American Stock Transfer and Trust (“AST”). They can be contacted at 888-200-3167.
  • Our common shares can be bought or sold through a stockbroker, bank or financial institution that offers brokerage services.

    In addition, under our Reinvestment & Share Purchase Plan Distribution Reinvestment & Share Purchase Plan, participants are able to purchase our common shares either through distribution reinvestment or voluntary cash contributions with distribution reinvestment.
  • Yes, our Distribution Reinvestment and Share Purchase Plan combines both types of plans. To request more information and to enroll, please visit our Distribution Reinvestment & Share Purchase Plan page.
  • Under direct ownership, your shares are “registered” or recorded on our books. You receive all distributions, proxy materials, and other important shareholder communications directly from us. Direct ownership of Centerspace shares may be in the form of a certificate issued in your name, or may be confirmed by a statement reflecting your book-entry ownership of Distribution Reinvestment and Share Purchase Plan shares or Direct Registration shares.

    Under indirect ownership, a broker maintains your account. This form of ownership is generally referred to as “street name” ownership. You receive all distributions, proxy materials, and other important shareholder communications from your broker.

    A registered shareholder is the owner of record with the transfer agent. The registered shareholder’s name appears on the stock certificate and all mailings. Transfer agents do not keep track of shares held in brokerage accounts—those records are kept with the brokerage. The transfer agent considers the brokerage the registered shareholder because the shares are held on behalf of the shareholder by the broker. Brokerages keep track of their client’s accounts and provide their clients with information regarding their Centerspace shares, including the delivery of mailings, proxy materials, and distribution of dividends.
  • Direct Registration (DRS) is a book-entry registration which allows your Centerspace shares to be directly registered on our books without the need for a physical certificate. Under DRS, you will not receive a certificate. You will receive a statement reflecting the number of shares registered in your name on our books at least once a year and whenever there is activity in your account. This form of book-entry ownership provides advantages and benefits to you and us.

    With DRS, you won’t have the responsibility of safeguarding and keeping track of your valuable stock certificates. DRS eliminates the time and expense of getting them replaced if you can’t find them. DRS provides a more convenient way for you to transfer shares to and from your broker. There is no need to surrender and issue certificates. Distributions, proxy materials, and other important shareholder communications will be sent directly to you.

    If your shares are currently held in certificate form and you would like to convert them to Direct Registration shares, please mail your unendorsed certificates along with a signed letter authorizing us to convert your certificated shares to Direct Registration shares to our Shareholder Services Department. For your protection, we recommend sending your stock certificates via courier or certified mail.
  • A Medallion Signature Guarantee is part of the Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program or 'STAMP' Signature Guarantor. A signature guarantee is a form of authentication issued by a bank or other financial institution that verifies the legitimacy of a signature and the signatory's overall request. Transfers and securities instructions requiring owners' signatures must have those signatures guaranteed by a bank or broker. The guarantee is backed by an insurance policy and protects the issuer and others from losses as a result of fraudulent securities transfers. You can obtain one at most banks or broker’s offices.
  • If you are a registered shareholder, please contact AST at 888-200-3167 with any question on your account.

    If you hold your Centerspace shares through a broker, please contact your broker.